Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blue paint day! Alu Util Arms, LDP and vent surround

Alas the weather cooperated!

First I took some acetone and cotton t-shirt like material, which I later regretted. My freshly acetoned aluminum parts were soon dotted in linted. Despite all efforts to de-lint the pieces, it was there. So, I primed them and sanded the crap off. After another coat of Duplicolor White Primer, off we went!

I didn't take many before pictures because I had a neat little assembly line going.

But, true to my painting luck, my first try with the purple base coat was a stuck nozzle just near the end. One of the arms wound up with a dime sized paint blob on them. I let them dry for 15 minutes and put the blotted one aside while I added the blue coat to the OK one. I took some 400 grit paper to the blob and quickly gave the entire arm a thin purple coat.

I effectively had one set of parts 15 minutes ahead of the rest! So it was fun to let things sit in the sun and be careful to mist this part with paint or gloss.

Overall, things seemed to come out alright. They are still outside drying. I'm tempted to try fitting things together, but I'm going to wait 24-48 hours to let the paint harden.

Here's the "blues"...

Only after moving the pieces around to dry did I spot a defect in the Large Data Port. Of course, its in a noticeable spot and if I don't re-do this piece, it will drive me insane! So tomorrow, the LDP gets the acetone treatment!

And in the cute front, I couldn't resist sharing this. I was coming inside from snapping part photos when I came upon this. Apparently the kids left this out and the cats decided to have a go at it. (My black and white cat, "Pudgey", is screwed if someone spins a green!)

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