Thursday, May 15, 2008

Second Coat is on

Well I put the second coat on today, the weather was again in the 60s but less wind.

I'll have to go back and do the other side of the leg, but the white is slowly filling in.

I sanded smooth the drip lines from the previous coat. It looks like it happened again on the second coat. Part of the dribble is covered by the metal foot strips. The rest...well, who'd notice?

The detail pieces are getting better. In the next coating or so, the visibility of the mounting holes should vanish.

More of the feet. I'm seeing less primer shine through, but I definately have at least another coating to go.

Can you see the "spot" ? (Bottom hole, 3 o'clock position) Again, the additional coats will help. I also took a small flat head screwdriver and cleaned the tapped holes between coatings.

The recessed areas in the shoulder are finally starting to fill in.

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  1. Hey Paul. Nice Job with the painting! Looking into getting legs and feet soon myself. I hate those dripmarks in the paint though. They are a pain in the you know what!!! Happy Building!! I figured I stop by and check your progress. Great Job!!!


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