Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick weekend update

Well the weather is supposed to be lousy over the next few days, so this will give me some time to do some wet sanding. I searched our new, local Lowe's store Friday afternoon and was looking for something in the 400-grit range for sandpaper. A helpful associate asked what I was working on and opted to be very vague (haven't we all faced this decision in R2 Building?). I told her I had some run lines and various spotting from the first coats of spray paint on the project I am working on. She suggested a product I didn't notice on the shelf before, 3M Wet Sanding paper.

I've used the 800 and 100 grit versions of this stuff on my dome. However, due to the deepness of the spin lines, I gave up. I think wet sanding is a great idea, less dust floating around, only to re-appear on wet paint again! So I think this will be my project for Sunday afternoon and Monday, smoothing out the rough spots on the legs, ankles and feet. While there, I picked up another can of Satin White...and some WHITE Rustoleum primer this time around. I think coats one and two are just trying to cover the gray primer still! Lesson learned!

I also sold my FiberOpticProducts PSI lights to Derek. I think he'll really enjoy them, I had FOP add two additional LEDs, one of each color, making the unit a 4 LED unit. Its very bright! I have been sifting through my stacks of parts, figuring out what's going on which droid and if I have duplicates that are not needed, selling them off. I have motors and motor controllers to save for!

Not much other progress today. I visited my Mom in the hospital, whose developed an infection from her hip replacement surgery 7 weeks ago. We'll know more once the testing results come through, so I plan to spend some time up there to keep her company.

That's all for now!

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