Sunday, May 4, 2008

New stuff on the way!

No pictures this time around but time for a quick post on progress.

Thankfully there are three paydays this month as I just paid for some parts that are ready for shipping.
  • My second set of aluminum holoprojectors should be here next week. These were made by Roy Powers and are identical to the ones he made for me last year.
  • Andy's shop finished up the Battery Boxes with the cut-out for the NPC motors.
  • Mounting blocks for the new frame
  • PSI Lenses via Andy on his A & A part run.

Of course, when the part runs become available, it pours. I'm trying to grab some overtime so I can get in on the JEDI lighting system as well as buy a Life Form Scanner for my droids. Right behind that are some more part offerings from JAG coming down the pike. Then David Shaw has some awesome pieces available, such as aluminum radar eyes, utilty arms, front and rear the impressive CPU arm.

Maybe I'll win the lottery?

This week I'm headed down to New Hampshire to link up with Kevin Helmig. We're planning to take a day off to do some serious building and have some fun. Kevin's a great guy and has a superb shop area in his basement. He has some 2-3-2 refinement ideas and I have some skin work I want to do but REALLY want a second set of eyes to assist. I'm really looking forward to it.

I also discovered I have a very well stocked R/C Hobby store 5 miles from my home. I have a Remote Controlled Airfield 50 yards from my home, so I wandered over with my girlfriend and kids to check it out. After watching the action for an hour, meeting the local flyers and chatting with them, I'm afraid I caught the R/C flying bug hard! But this works out superbly because I now have local access to some servo/transmitter gurus.

That's all for now.

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  1. Nice Job Paul!! Keep up the good work. Will be interested to watch your progress.


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