Monday, February 4, 2008

Trying Silicon on the door skins

Tonight I spent some time filing the rough edges off my skin panels around the door. All I really needed to remove where the few tabs from the laser cutting process.

Initially I was using those small files, as I had seen Victor use in his blog. But that noise had the cats hiding and me wondering how long I could stand it as well. So I pulled out the larger file and quickly smoothed the rough spots down in mere minutes.

After inquiring with others, I opted to use Silicon. The thinking is that if I absolutely have to, I can peel the pieces apart and try again. Its also flexible.

I noticed that the Silicon didnt come out of the tube easily, and it wasnt very fluid it all. Its like I was spreading dried up toothpaste. But I opted to keep at it. I spread it around as best I could, lined up the pieces and clamped it all up...

How well this will work remains to be seen. (I'm wondering if the Silicon I bought is a sealant?) My other choices were contact cement and Liquid Nails. Both are pretty much permanent options.
I'm going to let this "sit" overnight before I unclamp and see how this all worked out.


  1. I've used the Silicone in areas on the dome and also bonded the domes together with Silicone.
    The skins and door panels, I used Gorilla Glue. I did this because I was afraid of getting Silicone in areas that needed paint and the Gorilla glue cleans away very easy.
    Your R2 is looking GOOD!!!

  2. Paul,

    Sometimes I have very good experiences with silicone holding things together, sometimes not so good. Same with how the silicone comes out of the tube, it's usually a struggle.

    Recently I've been letting the silicone dry for 48 hours, you may want to do the same.

    I use GE Silicone II by the way.

    Good luck!!



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