Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Parts arrived & take two on door trim

I apologize for not having photos...I didn't have a chance to take any before dashing off to work.

First, the Coin Returns arrived today. I already had a set of these from a run done two years ago. The ones that arrived today will go into droid # 2. (I mean, you really can't have just ONE R2 unit, can you?)

My attempt to adhere the door trim to the body of the door ended in failure last time. Once the parts were unclamped, they simply fell apart. After asking others on the R2Builders board about my experience, a few thoughts came across. One was that the silicone may have been bad, as it did not come out of tube clear. It was very cloudy and chunky, coming out of the tube like hardening toothpaste. The other thought was the temperature. The silicone is supposed to adhere at temperatures from 45F on up. Its chilly in the basement, around 50~ish.

At any rate, I tried again with LocTite brand clear silicone. It came out of the tube clear but it was a lot of work forcing the stuff from the tube. It also tended to drag the part along the table while I was trying to get it on the door. I went extra heavy, with both clamps and silicone.

If this fails, I'll go back to regular JB Weld. While not my preferred adhesive, I know it goes on thin and easily. You just have to clean it up quickly, as whatever is left there is there forever.

Its rather ironic how all these small details are giving me so much trouble. But the temperature in the shop makes painting, priming and using adhesives difficult. (I really envy those of you in warmer climates!)

Up next on my short list of things to do is to get my skins sandblasted. I have several run lines on my front skins, from the spray paint attempt I took last year. I also have a section that is paint free, from travelling in the back of a rental vehicle and rubbing.

From now on, the pros do the painting. No matter the spray paint brand, whatever I use, the nozzle spits and causes terrible run lines. I am just cursed to not use spray paint!

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