Monday, September 3, 2007

September Parts Update

Some new parts and pieces have arrived throughout the summer!

First are the "diet" ankle detail pieces, as you can see, a lot of additional cutouts were made in the pieces to reduce weight. Tom Doucet offered these and he did an equally impressive job in how he shipped and packaged them!

The next two photos are of Mark Hamester's PCB 1 and PCB 2, these are control boards for R2-D2. The first one is a motor controller, which is where the motors will receive their commands from. This board can handle most of the tasks one would give it but I'll be using a different controller for the foot motors. Those require something that can handle higher volts & amps. Pictured below is PCB 1.

The photo below is a picture of PCB 2. This board links to the PCB 1 motor controller board and offers computer control to it. Meaning, using Mark's software, you can use an onboard computer to control R2-D2's functions. Its a novel step towards artifical intelligence! Mark has been actively programming away at his program. I look forward to playing with it once I have my R2 wired up.

Finally, in the picture below is the Dual PSI controller board. It requires some assembly and essentially controls the "two blinky lights" on the front and back of R2-D2. I already have these lights but since the price was good for this part, I thought I'd buy one as a spare. One of the New England Builders also offers a light system that really looks superb, so before long I'll have three methods to light up those lights!

As for real, meaningful progress....sorry, still nothing yet! Life has been very busy so other tasks have taken priority. There are several excellent part runs being offered, such as a new version of the aluminum frame and so forth. I plan to migrate the best pieces of my current R2 into the new frame. Meaning, I'll have TWO R2-D2s in various stages of construction! Fun!

That's it for now!

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