Saturday, September 15, 2007

More work on the feet

Well I finally broke down and did a bit of work on my feet. I found a set of drill bits that I had bought a few months ago and figured I'd make some progress!

My drill, a Black & Decker piece of (colorful metaphor) continues to spin out on me, despite any of its 24 clutch settings. Thus, most any effort I make to do things that require the drill end in frustration. Someday I'll break down and just spend the $100~$150 for a top of the line model that can actually, God forbid, drill!

So here is what the foot looks like with the foot-drive system mounted inside. All I really had to do was drill the 4 holes on top of the foot shell and bolt them in. Thanks to the JAG design, its not rocket science (which explains how I can do it!).

Progress continues on the dome. Myself and my girlfriend's 5 year old daughter spent an hour on it the other night, going round and round with 800 grit sandpaper, wet sanding away. I would really love to use an orbital sander or mouse sander to speed up the process. However I am worried I would get those over-polished spin lines all over the place. So, as it stands now, we'll just continue to use some elbow grease on it.

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