Tuesday, December 15, 2015

R2-D2's Appearance on The Nite Show with Danny Cashman

Last Wednesday, December 9th, R2-D2 and I were invited to a taping on The Nite Show with Danny Cashman.

The program airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 locally.  It's a local comedy show that is similar in format to The Late Show and The Tonight Show.  

A few weeks back, Dan's sidekick, Joe Kennedy had inquired about using R2-D2 for a skit prior to the release of the new Star Wars:  The Force Awakens release.  It sounded like something fun to do, so I said 'Sure'!

R2-D2 has had a quiet couple weeks, so asides charging the computer and batteries, we were set to go!

The show is filmed at Husson Unveristy's Gracie Theatre, a beautiful facility that opened in 2009.  They were filming three episodes this evening so we got there early.  With the help of staff and a few NESCOM (New England School of Communications) students, we had R2-D2 and support equipment unloaded and in the theater.

Microphone setup underway.
One of the funny moments was getting R2-D2 setup with a microphone.  My R2 has a very powerful amplifier and speaker setup.  I typically have R2's sound level at 1.5 (out of 100) and any higher is blaring loud.  I warned the sound people that R2 is quite loud, so they might want to adjust the microphone accordingly.  I don't think they believed me but once that test beep went out, and hands went on ears....they understood!  

Upon reviewing the script, we had to figure out where I could stand and safely drive R2 around the stage while being out of audience/camera view.  The stage manager, whose name I can not recall, was superb.  He held the script for me while my hands were busy with the controls and after a few test runs, we were ready to go.

And then the wireless microphone batteries died on our first roll out.  R2 beeped but not loud enough for the production equipment to hear it.  There's one for the blooper roll!  The staff quickly did a battery swap out and we returned to our start positions for another try.

Waiting for the show doors to slide open and make our appearance!
And here's a YouTube clip of our skit...(crank your volume)

After we made our appearance, we hung out backstage for pictures with the crew.  Again, the NESCOM students were fantastic and were kind enough to help me load R2-D2 back into the van.

A few photos...

R2-D2 on the set

Paul and R2-D2