Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kid's Corner visit 2014

Today was our annual visit to Kids' Corner - Community Early Care and Learning Facility in Bar Harbor, Maine.  They are roughly an hour away from where I live, so with summer tourism in mind, I left extra early!

As I did in 2012, I brought my Father down with me since he knows the Director and her family well.

Once we arrived, we went inside to let them know we were there....and spotted this...

Once I got R2-D2 inside, it was time to hook up the dome, fire up the netbook and install in inside.  While I worked, some very curious children were peeking to see what was going on!

Once R2-D2 was together and ready to go, the kids were VERY excited to see the little guy!

As Lori and her staff does, the children take their seats and one by one, the kids get picture with R2-D2.  From there, they get to investigate and inquire!

We spent two hours with the children before it was time for lunch.  As we have in the past, we had a fantastic time.  More pictures available here

And before I close, I have to share a great picture of a handsome little guy who insisted on sitting with me and R2-D2