Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kids' Corner visit 2013

Today we made our annual visit to Kid's Corner-Community Early Care & Learning Facility located in Bar Harbor.  My high school classmate and friend Lori Krupke operate runs this facility.  The kids talk about their R2-D2 visits for months and have been eagerly awaiting this years visit!

The drive down to Bar Harbor usually takes an hour but with foggy weather and tourist season in full swing, it took a bit longer.  I planned extra time for the drive down and the rain managed to hold off until I had R2-D2 safely inside.

The children range in age from toddler to pre-k and let me tell you, they know STAR WARS!  Many times I have had people ask if the kids even know what R2-D2 and STAR WARS is all about.  I can assure you that they do!

Once we were indoors, the kids crowded around and looked, touched (gently!) and thoroughly investigated this little robot.

As the guy controlling R2-D2, with two large remote controls, I am always fascinated how quickly the kids forget me.  They do not see R2-D2 as a movie prop or a gadget.  They see it as a little person, just like them!

Click to see the complete photo gallery on Paul's R2-D2 on Facebook.

Once the kids had their time with R2-D2, it was lunch time...and the kids were pretty trilled to have R2 join them

Perhaps my favorite part was when the kids would pepper me with questions, be it how R2-D2 works ....or how do my cats like living with an R2-D2!

My #1 Fan!  And check out the t-shirt!
This is one of the few events where there's a lot of pictures!  And these are all courtesy of Lori Krupke!  Thanks for sharing!