Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crunch time! Getting R2 ready for Saturday

I've been too busy to even post blog updates on the R2 rebuild!  So, let's catch up...

With the side vents done, I needed a clever way to mount them to the frame.  As I did with the previous build, I opted to use magnets so that I can easily remove the vents as needed.

I drilled a 5/32 hole into the side of the frame and tapped it to a 10-24 thread.  The magnets I found have a hole in the middle and this works perfectly.  I can also adjust how deep to "thread" the magnet into and out of the frame for an optimal fit.

Next up was re-located the power switches and charger port.  Previously it had been located in the a back panel but that was awkward to get to.  Plus, with the development of the charger port lighting, I wanted to make that functional!

Here's how it looks from inside, with the Arduino micro controller mounted above with double-sided tape.

Next up was installing the amplifier and wiring up the speakers...

Then the slip ring, which routes power from the body to the dome had to be tested and re-installed.  I wanted to verify all 24 wires had continuity!

...and with that, I had everything set to go.  One glitch is the dome drive.  Due to its new location, its not making enough contact to spin the dome right.  But, that's fine...I'll address that after the event...