Sunday, October 14, 2012

Progress update

I'm making steady progress of both droids but R2-D2 #1 is back upstairs, where i can begin re-assembling all the electronics that were removed.

R2 has the second droid's frame, which uses the newer JAG v5 frame.  It also sports a 2-3-2 mechanism and 2 linear actuators that will allow the body to pivot.  At a later date I will have a center foot lift device so R2 can stand on his two outer legs or transform into the 3 leg driving mode.

I installed the rockler bearing onto the frame the other evening, which required using the digital micrometer to figure out the exact center.

Next up, I was looking over the old front skins and checking to see about mounting them onto the new frame.  Well, the large door servos will require some tweaking as the new frame will not allow those to work in their present position.  The side frame pieces are much larger on this frame and the servos present position will not work.

That's the latest