Friday, May 11, 2012

Kids' Corner R2-D2 Visit!

We haven't been to Kids' Corner since August 2010 and my friend Lori Krupke, who is the director there, asked us if we could come over again.  Of course we could!  We had a fantastic time last time!

All this week, it has rained, rained and rained, so I had some concerns about getting R2-D2 loaded up.  I have to drive up on my front lawn to load R2 thru the front door.  With all that rain, I was hoping the ground wasn't too soft...or I'd have a pretty unique lawn ornament!

The weather turned out to be perfect, very sunny and it was a cinch to get R2 loaded up!

The staff, parents who were there and kids were fantastic.  I never tire of seeing the reactions from the toddlers to R2!

Here's the link to the gallery of pictures HERE 

Paul teaches a future R2 Builder a few things...