Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine take over Fort Knox

Last Saturday we attended the Adoptive and Foster Families event at Fort, not THAT Fort Knox...the gold is all safe!  Our Fort Knox is here in Maine

Due to the nature of this event, foster and adoptive families, I don't have many pictures I can post, but here's some!

Welcome to Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine (site of a Ghost Hunters investigation, too)
Time to unload!  The van hatch trim is a tad too small to allow R2 to ride with the dome on.  Since the dome is full of electronics, it travels in a padded container.

Basking in the bright, hot sun, the Mandalorian Mercs were there too

R2-D2 seeks refuge from the hot sun inside the museum

We were surrounded by kids all day!

R2 steered clear of the group playing the steel drums....which bore a strong resemblance to domes to R2!

Time to head home!