Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Leap of Faith" Fundraiser

Last night, R2-D2 and I had the privilege of being a part of the Leap of Faith Fundraiser for John Sovis, the brother of our local ABC News anchor, Cindy Michaels.  John has bile duct cancer and has sought alternate cancer treatment that insurance will not cover.  

Cindy organized local musical talent Chris Ross and our own Bob Marley, a local comedian who has been on everything from the late night talk shows to his own special on the Comedy Channel.  Many local businesses and individuals donated fantastic items for the silent auction.  R2-D2 and I were asked to be greeters for guests to the event.

R2-D2 has spent the past two weeks at the medical center, hanging out in the office between patient visits on the Pediatrics Floor. With the help of a co-worker, I had R2 all packed up for the trip down to the Bangor Civic Center.

We arrived very early since the Civic Center and Auditorium usually have many events going on, so I wasn't sure how close to the door I could park, etc etc.  It turns out that things went very smoothly.  The new facility that will replace this one is currently under construction.  After cautiously driving R2 thru the front doors, I can only imagine what a relief the new facility will be for those who use wheelchairs!  The doors were narrow and it required some gentle maneuvering to get inside.  Once inside and setup, we went inside!


Prior to him taking the stage, Bob Marley came over to meet R2-D2 and chat.  Bob was impressed with R2 and pondered having such a sidekick on stage with him someday!  Ha!

 R2's projector impressed a lot of people, with the room darkened, the Princess Leia image really stood out when played.  A lot of people posed for pictures, one the wife of a serviceman in Afghanistan.  We hope he loved the email and pictures she sent!

After the show, it was time to pack up and head for home.  With the busy schedule we have had over the past few weeks, we have a few minor maintenance issues to sort out.  The netbook I use for R2 is having some battery-life issues and the backup one is still a bit too large to place inside...I keep snagging a wire or something!  The complicated life of a droid builder...overcoming the next technical challenge, day by day!