Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Front skins re-done

During the summer, I spent about a month and a half dismantling the front skins very gingerl, sanding them, painting the outer layer and put them back together.

Its taken me a while to locate the pictures that detail this process but here they are, with some captions for guidance!

Step one, cover the painted surfaces with painter's tape, so that when it is time to clamp them together, they are not scratched or damaged

3M F9460PC VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape

VHB tape is pressure sensitive, so using a wallpaper seam roller (or something similar) is very handy

Seam roller

The outer skin, with the VHB tape on it, trimmed and ready for the tedious process of removing all that paper backing!

The prevent areas from pulling apart, get as many areas as possible.  It is very slow work!

The nerve-wracking part, lining everything up and clamping them together!  I used the coin slots as a guide and slowly worked my way to the edges

A trip to Staples and a few zillion tiny clamps are your best friends

Then the slow process of installing all the detail pieces again (a few days later)

Silicone is my favorite for attaching these pieces.  It absorbs a lot of vibration and shock...and when it is time to remove it, it isn't a nightmare to do so

The octagon port can be a challenge to line up but once there, clamp, silicone and walk away!

Doors re-installed

Sporting new skin