Sunday, November 13, 2011

More projector fun and Halloween!

Its been a busy few weeks so let me get back to where I left off on the projector project!

With the mounting made, the power and data transmission settled, it was time to see how everything would fit.  It was slow but steady work getting the mounting lined up to the holoprojector.  Then, using the outside of the HP to thread it into the mounting adapter.

One thing that had to be removed for this to fit was the red-blue PSI light.  I wound up using one of the plastic PSI blocks that are offered as add-ons to the 300mm dome.  To keep the projector level, I used the self-adhesive hook, a small rubber strap and an eye hook piece.

As you can see, its getting pretty crowded in there!

In order for the projector to have enough power, it requires a dedicated 12v 7amp battery.  The problem is where to put it!  That I am still working on.

Work on the software is still on going.  I threw myself a curve by trying to code from my Windows 7 64-bit laptop instead of my Windows Vista (32 bit) one.  Put in non-geek terms, different versions and operating systems sure complicates things!  But, we're slowly making progress.  

That said, here is what the projector looks like inside the dome (I had to hinge another panel to access the projector power button from above)...

Here is how the Princess Leia video clip looks in darkness and in regular (bright) lighting...

 As you can see, the top of Princess Leia's head it obstructed by the HP.  This can be trimmed and adjusted in the Windows properties, lowering the alignment of the display.

So despite some technical hurdles, cramped for space and power demands, it works!  I still have a good deal of refining to do but the components all check out.  

And of course, we had another amazing Halloween at my Mom and Dad's place in Bangor.  

 We were outside in the 39 F weather to greet trick or treaters (yes, that is snow in the background!)

Again I was busy controlling R2 while the kids came up to meet R2, pose for pictures and ask questions.  We were outside from 5:30 until 7, calling it quits when we ran out of candy.  This was my third year doing this and it seems we have become a "must visit" spot for the kids, from what the parents were saying.