Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wiring up the Slip Ring Connector & testing it

Tonight I picked up where I left off, resuming the process of slowly soldering in the wire leads.  The nice part about the first end is you can put any wire anywhere, you have to match it up on the other end!  

 I found that if I put a small amount of solder on the top of the connector, then slid the wire into place wearing a shop glove, I could then re-heat that solder and it would fill around the wire.  

 Every 4 wires, I would stop and test the connection with the multimeter, this way I didn't get too far ahead of myself.  I used all the solid colored wires first, then went on to the rest from there.  Once I had the connector all wired up, I jotted down what color wire was in what pin in the connector.

Next up was to slide the shrink wrap down to help reinforce the connectors to the wiring.  Since I lack a heat gun or a hair dryer (I'm bald...seriously!)...I used a match.  Some of the shrink tubing I used at first was too thin, the stuff I bought recently fit perfectly over the connector....

Again I wont win any awards but for a first effort...I'm happy with it.

Next up was assembling the DB-25 clam shell and squeezing the wires to fit.

Happy that everything went together, I opened the clam shell piece up and wanted to again test all the pin outs and the wire leads on the other end of the slip ring.  After all the work so far, I wanted to make sure everything was still checking out OK.  I mean, 24 thin wires on little connectors...and a lot of shoving and tugging...something HAD to pop loose, right?

Much to my surprise, everything checked out as working fine!

Now I just need to tin the wire leads on the other end and connect those into the other connector.  Half way there!