Saturday, July 9, 2011

Assembling the Slip Ring connection cards

Today, after gaining some more information on how piece these together, I started work on them.

The kit that was offered last year consists of two cards that are used on each end of the slip ring, an electrical connector that rotates 360 degrees.  The Slip Ring has 24 wires which are eventually soldered to two 25 pin connectors.  Each other those plug into a card like these, allowing for electrical power and signal communications to pass thru.

The first step is to place and solder the two-terminal screw connectors.  I used tape to hold them into place, flip over and then solder.

Once those are soldered into position, the next step is to place the signal pins into the PCB.  They fit very snug and while they probably do not require soldering, I opted to do so while I had the iron out and ready to go.

The pins are very small and my soldering iron tip seems to have two settings; too cold and too hot.  I am trying to not damage the pcb with the soldering iron being too warm.  I just slowly apply heat to the connector and let it melt the solder. 

Next up is installing the 25-pin, right angle connector.  No soldering is required for this.

 I did the same thing to the second slip ring connector card.  The next step is to do some pre-planning, to make sure the center of the frame has room for the connector to fit thru it.  Then, after referring to the manual that came with this, determining what wire will go where.  I need to purchase some terminal blocks so that the one 12-volt lead can be split up to go into the two inputs on the card.