Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Second ServoCenter card arrives

The second ServoCenter card arrived today.  This one will be installed in R2-D2's dome and control all of the servos via computer control.  The card will communicate with the first card via a slip ring wiring connection.  This, like your steering wheel, allows for an electrical connection thru a rotating linkage.

I'll have to solder external power connections for the card and the servo power source, just like I did the first card.  The cards communicate with each other via a serial (DB9) connector.  Only 3 wires (pins) are used to establish a TTL data communication between the cards.  I can route those three wires thru the slip ring.  I can daisy chain many of these cards but two should be fine.

Like everything else with R2-D2, the challenge will be mounting the card inside the dome and the wiring fun.