Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting R2 prepped for our next appearance

This evening I spent some time making sure R2 is set to go for the Children's Miracle Network Telethon tomorrow.  

The batteries are all fully charged and set to go.  I inspected the frame and made sure the ankles, leg and shoulder connections are all tight and torqued up.

One problem I found was the door on the rear skins.  The top edge of the skins have separated again, requiring a few dabs of Super Glue and some clamping.  The way the door slides in via the tabs seems to pry the edges apart every few months.

 Tomorrow we'll get everything packed up and head to the Bangor Mall.  The local Sears has graciously allowed me to unload R2-D2 there and get setup.  They did the same thing last year and it made for a very smooth experience getting in and out of the mall.

My plywood ramp is on its last leg and I have been asking around for suggestions or help with something else.    Its too narrow and short.  I would really like to be able to roll R2 up and onto the Honda Odyssey without begging for help lifting R2 up or down.  Several have sent me links to various aluminum and other devices but I can't afford those.  I have seen the power chair/scooter lifts some have sent me info on.  Very slick!  Maybe someday!