Monday, January 24, 2011

Trimming and drilling out the dome position bracket

Tonight I did some more work on the aluminum piece that will mount on top the frame and hold the lexan piece.

My scrap piece isn't a perfect rectangle and for what it needs to do, it really doesn't need to be.  At some point I'll want to refine the piece but for now, I just want functional for testing.

That said, I used my trusty Dremel 4000 and trimmed down the aluminum to be just a tad bigger than the lexan.

I took the piece and placed it on the newer frame, which has the bolt pattern for the slip ring to mount.  The slip ring will not mount onto this but since the holes are already cut into the frame, this makes bolting it to the frame that much easier.  I drilled out a 1/8th inch hole, which will allow a 4-40 thread bolt to pass thru.  I then used a counter-sunk the holes so that the head of the 4-40 bolts will sit flush.

Here's how the piece looks on the newer frame.  The pre-drilled holes in the frame are larger than the 1/8th inch holes i drilled.  A washer and nylon-insert lock nuts will make this a snug fit.

If you are curious why I haven't modified the original frame for this, here's why.  I plan to acquire another newer-design (JAG v5) frame and transplant everything from R2 into it.  Not only will there be some significant weight savings, but now both droids will be identical in structure.  Should I need to inter-change parts & pieces, they'll fit!  

Next time, I plan to do some work on the best way to mount the lexan to aluminum bracket.