Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting work on the dome position sensor

Tonight I began working on one of my ideas I have had to mount a dome position sensor inside R2-D2.

Here's a graphic of how it should work...

Essentially I need to craft a way to mount the sensor on top of R2's frame.  It has to be tall enough for the stylus to reach the Softpot sensor, which is mounted on a piece of Lexan for best adhesion.  The inner hole needs to be large enough for the slip ring electrical connector can pass thru.

First I will make a circular lexan piece for the sensor to come to attach to.  I decided to use my new Dremel 4000 with the circular cutting gadget I've had for years.  I also bought a better cutting tip which will work well with plastics and metal.  Here's the photos that detail the process...

Once the paper backing is removed from the sensor, the sensor will not appear to take as much of the lexan as it does now.

I took the lexan piece and placed it on the top of R2's frame so I can see how tall the mounting will need to be...

This gives a good perspective of the challenge.  The center-spar like section of the frame shows, the lexan piece and above is the dome plate.  

Tomorrow I am going to resume work on a mounting piece to go from the frame to the lexan piece.