Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brewer Days / 2nd Annual Children's Day event

Last weekend R2-D2 and I were asked to participate at the Brewer Days/2nd Annual Children's Day Festivities at the North Brewer Shopping Center.

The event was many tied into one.  The kids had a bike raffle, a bouncy palace to bounce around in and the Brewer Little League was raising money for the team.  

R2-D2 and I wandered around all the festivities, getting a chance to meet some of our Facebook fans who have been looking forward to meeting us.  I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures since my hands were full with controlling R2!

We really had a fun time visiting the fire truck.  We wanted to take it for a spin but were gently declined.

We spent a fair amount of time inside the mall area, where the driving was very smooth.  A lot of kids stopped by and posed for pictures.  A really great little guy stopped by with a gift for R2-D2!

We stopped by The Rock church and visited their coffee shop to take a small break.  The people manning the counter enjoyed posing with R2.