Monday, August 16, 2010

R2-D2 is home for some minor maintenance

After spending the better part of a month at the hospital, stored in the office I work in, it was time to bring R2 home for some minor work.

One of the issues I have to resolve are the ankle locks, which prevent R2 from wobbling forward and backwards when starting or stopping.  The shims I had made back in November have popped out.  The fix should be to make new ones and mount with a larger bolt.

The next was the front PSI light, which is the one that blinks from red to blue.  Back in October I drilled a hole into the plastic ring, inserted a bolt into the mount and used silicone to keep it mounted.  The adhesive failed and anytime I would lift the dome off and tip it upside-down, the lighting bracket would roll out.  To fix this, I used a longer bolt that went all the way thru the plastic ring but not so far that it interfered with the rotation of the dome.

The 10-24 thread bolt and nut, with lockwasher under it, fits perfectly under the aluminum dome ring.

After inspecting the dome wiring and making sure everything is secure, its time to put R2 back together.

R2 is all back together, hanging out with the cats that missed him!