Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freed up another sealed up door panel

Once again I have decided to unseal a door panel I had initially decided to seal shut.  

My thinking back when I put the skins together was to simply leave them sealed and closed so they would not flop around.  It was also a lot of work to hinge, servo and modify the frame to accommodate them.

Now, a few years later, I have gained confidence in working with metal, electronics and servos...so, here we are.

Here's the "before" picture of the large panel sealed with JB Weld...

Once the JB Weld is sanding off with the dremel, I used a wire brush attachment to remove the material along the edge.  With a little force, the panel popped right out.

The adhesive I used to bond the skins together, 3M # 77, is a bit brittle.  I glued the panel piece and trim together with superglue.  All that remained was to clean up where the panel was, some minor filing and cleanup with the dremel wire brush bit again.

And that's where I am at tonight.

Tomorrow I'll epoxy the door to the hinge piece to dry overnight.

I will need to move a frame rod to allow for enough space for the hinge to move.

And then...another challenge....finding a location for the servo!

(Actually I think I can mount it to the back of the utility arm back plate...once I finish drilling and tapping the new holes!)

It bums me out to have R2 out of service for so long...I have had a number of requests for R2 at the hospital.  But, so many people made good ideas, I want to implement them!  It just takes some work, time and testing to do it right.

More tomorrow!