Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New arrivals: RigRunner 4005H, crimpers and resin CPU Arm

Some new parts and pieces have arrived over the past few days!

First is from ResinParts.Com , the CPU data arm.  

I need to use some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to wipe off the remain release agent from the piece.  Then, a dunking in some warm dish soap to complete the cleaning.  The top piece comes off, so I need to drill a long hole in the shaft.  The tip I will drill and tap out.  A remote control 4-40 thread push-rod should work nicely.  I already have a motorized pan/tilt system for this to mount to, I just need to add another servo at the base for the tip to slide forward and back.  Once I have all the drilling and such done, I plan to use an chrome spray paint and some metallic model paints for the finer details.

The other arrival is a smaller version of the RigRunner, the 4005 H (horizontal).  This will fit on the back of my electronics tray and provide a main power junction for the electronics in the body.  Items like the ServoCenter control board to the servos, the dome motor and other items yet to be added.  I also relented and bought the special crimper for the Anderson Powerpoles.


I'm in the midst of setting up R2's new "brain", the Asus 1201N netbook.  This will run my ArtooSoundz application nicely, which controls the sounds, video and servo actions of my droid.  I chose this model since it sports a Dual Core cpu (Intel Atom), nVidia ION graphics card and decent battery life, all in a small package.

NewEgg had a special and included a free cooling pad, which draws power from a USB port.  I'm debating whether I will need that inside R2 or not.

More tomorrow!