Thursday, December 3, 2009

R2 is home, survived his first outing!

R2-D2 is back home after spending just under a week at my workplace.

Last Friday R2 got to visit with the children in the Pediatrics Floor and Pediatric ICU. Over the past few days I've been battling a sinus infection so I was out a few days. R2 had the conference room all to himself! However word got around that there was an R2-D2 around and before you know it, staff and kids are showing up with camera phones! Ha! Awesome...!

Between some battle damage from the transporting process, R2 has some pretty good dings from banging into things. In this picture, you can see on the right side a bit of paint missing from a shoulder. That's from a poor attempt to get out of the elevator by gunning the throttle to get over the door lip. (The elevator is sporting a minor ding too, so the "fight" was a draw!)

As mentioned in the previous blog post, its time for a tear down to check everything out. Some of the skin screws have popped loose or jiggled out completely. R2 has a fair amount of body sway, mostly related to the center foot casters being problmatic. I need to log all the 'issues', video how its driving around now so I have a reference for when I make some tweaks.

Finally...if you think you find a great, cheap careful!

I bought these cheap, $9 moving casters as they were touted as each 'being able to handle 200 pounds each'. Well, take a look on the left side of the photo below....

The problem, asides the collapse of the casters under the structure, is that the wheels are tiny little plastic ones. They rub along the inside of their metal brace and due to their small diameter, get stuck and jam on the smallest of bumps and cracks.
While I would like to make something more elaborate, I now have a simple moving dolley. A rectangular shaped wooden structure with 4 large casters!
Anyone want 3 slightly bent moving casters? :-)