Sunday, November 1, 2009

The grand reveal...R2-D2 amazes the kids for Halloween

The big night arrived...Halloween! The day I worked towards to have R2-D2 functional and ready to show off to the Trick Or Treaters.

Earlier in the day I was able to borrow a co-worker's minivan. I really didn't want to have to remove R2's legs to get him out of the house, so I was able to get some help from my friend Roger to lug him out. Minus the dome, R2 fit perfectly inside.

Once I had R2 at my parent's place, which gets a TON more trick or treaters than my house does, I put everything back together.

For sounds I borrowed my friend's Netbook, which is essentially a mini-laptop. I wrote a batch file that would randomly play an R2 sound and used VNC to connect to that Netbook from my laptop. Due to the limited resources of the Netbook, I eventually resorted to launching sounds manually....i.e. the good ole double-click...and it worked great! I sat several feet away from the action with the Spektrum transmitter and laptop while R2-D2 beeped, turned his head and greeted the kids.

....and the kids...

...loved R2-D2 !

We ran out of candy at 7:45pm and lost track of how many times we jammed traffic on the street! R2 was covered in fingerprints but held up fine! Here's me and R2 after a thorough wipe down/cleaning...