Saturday, October 3, 2009

Removed the 2-3-2 lift system...need the space!

Here's how my 'bachelor pad' looked last Friday night! R2-D2 was taken apart yet again for more upgrades.

I really wanted to leave the Lambert 2-3-2 system installed but since buying the larger batteries, space has become scarce! Below, you can see the space I got back just removing the lift motor and swing arm.

Below, the lift plate has been removed and all that remains in the lift rods and the mountings that go into the skirt.

The Lambert 2-3-2 had a metal piece that allowed the slider assembly to be mounted on the skirt mounting bolts. As a result, it also used small frame rods than the stock T&J frame had. (Thankfully I had saved the old ones!)

Here's the frame with the 2-3-2 system completely removed. The side vent brackets were also reinforced with C-brackets.

....continued on next post!