Monday, October 19, 2009

Installing the bronze hose into the feet & battery boxes

Installing the bronze hose was a relatively quick job.

Mike Velcheck offers a long strand of bronze hose for this. However, with a bronze hose, it can be flattened out if not filled with some tubing. How do I know? My previous length of hose was chewed flat by my cats!

Cutting bronze hose can be prickly work, so have the electrical tape handy.

First, I bought some 1/2 inch diameter plastic tubing to be the insert. I cut each length of tubing to 12 inches long. I marked off the bronze hose every 15 minches, wrapped in electrical tape then cut. The hose are supposed to be 12 inches long, so that gives me some leeway in fitting the ends into the fittings on each foot & battery box.

For now, my hose is just staying put by friction. I need to install some nut plates in the battery boxes to hold the fittings straight. Since there isn't a lot of space for the hose in the foot, the only end I will have glued/attached is the battery box side. (The drive wheel is very close to where the hose enters the foot).