Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trying out 3M VHB tape for center foot strips

This evening I was debating how best to adhere the center foot strips into place.

I thought about using JB Weld or a similar adhesive....but I really wanted to try out the 3M VHB tape that will eventually be used to bond the skins together for another droid.

Since that tape is used to hold things like automobile trim and logos, it would seem something like this should be a cinch.

First I had to clean off a thin strip of paint, which I used a dremel sanding wheel for. The adhesive works best going on roughed up and clean metal.

Next up was the rough up the backsides of the foot strips.

After thoroughly wiping down the exposed metal, on the 3M VHB tape. I let it set for 10 minutes before gently laying the foot strip into position. I held it firmly in place for two minutes before putting painter's tape to keep it in place.

And here is where we are at now. I'll leave the tape alone and check on this in the morning.