Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rear panel details added, rear skins have doors hinged

This evening I sanded away some paint on the rear panel so the JB Weld would have a bare metal surface to adhere to....

...then put some JB Weld on the bare metal...

...and clamped them into place to dry. I used popsickle sticks so that the clamps would not leave any marks on the paint.

With that drying, I had cleaned up the inside of the door panels of excess JB Weld and lined them up into position. Once happy with the fit, I taped them into place.

I then lined up here I wanted the hinges to be and JB Welded them into place.

Now since these doors are pretty much obstructed when R2-D2 is in 3-leg mode, I will probably just leave them shut and held in place with magnets I will add later. However, with R2 upright and in two leg mode, I would be able to access whatever is behind the doors.