Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A&A Skins on R2-D2 # 2

This evening I figured it was time to open up and check out the A&A Skins I reeceived last week

I have to say, I'm quite impressed with them.

Here's a before picture of one of the front skins. Popping the panels is a cinch. I've been working for weeks on my aluminum skins because its such a challenge to pop out panels without damaging or warbling the skin.

Just pulling the tape off the coins slots area pulls up the pieces you need to remove. This is nice!

Here's the front outer skin will everything removed. The skins will need some cleanup with Windex or something...and you might find yourself drifting from the fine smell of burnt plastic from the laser cutting process....its not terrible but you will notice it.

Of course, make sure you label where some of the panels go to make the gluing process go a bit smoother later. Some of the slabs on the bottom strongly resemble the ones under the vents and vertical door. Note that Andy and Alex have used all available areas of the skins for extra goodies. As you can see here, there's a rear logic display template and center vent pieces in there.

And with some strategic clamping with the inner and outer skins....here's how it looks.

So if you were an aluminum snob like me and hesitant about using plastic pieces, think again. The quality of the laser cuts and value is incredible. Since this droid will not have any doors opening, these skins will go together quick. Drop Andy or Alex a line on the Astromech.Net forums if you are in need of some of their componenets/parts!