Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Searching for mounting hardware

Yesterday and today have been very hot days up here in Maine. We had temperatures in the upper 80's with humidity hitting the low 70's. That's a pretty extreme change in weather for us north polers!

Needless to say, its just too darn hot to get any real work done. Today I hit the local Surplus/Salvage store (Marden's) that buys up inventory from retailers/wholesalers looking to liquidate inventory. Sometimes you find some deals, sometimes it wasn't worth the gas to drive out there!

Today seemed more interesting. My initial mission was to buy insect spray as I accidentally found a hole in my front yard, buried it and low and behold, it was home to a large colony of bees. Opps! While I didn't find the bug spray, I noticed that the Hardware section had expanded. They had a huge assortment of machine screws and similar fittings. Stainless steel bolts and screws that would usually cost 30 cents or so were 7 cents. While I wasn't really in need of many bolts, I stocked up for droid 2! I also searched for items I could scavenge into various odd jobs.

One item I found was some small slabs. I think they are used as latches for windows, but to me, they could serve as stock metal for cutting/fitting into something in the future.

The other "neat" find was the square nuts. I found some that were 8/32 and others that were 10/24. I noticed how thin they were and began to think how if they were the right size, I could glue these into the skins and have the pocket vent tabs screw directly into these. I have no idea if it will be the right size, but the screws fit!

Now this stuff could just prove to be absolute junk and not work out. But I think we've all caught ourselves wandering around the hardware store, searching for something we can improvise to make work in R2!

Once the weather cools....and my motivation returns...we'll have to see!

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