Monday, June 9, 2008

More painting! Coinslots, Ankle Details, Harness tabs and cylinders.

Boy, I wanted warm weather, I sure got it. Phew! 87 degrees and 60% humidity...good for painting, not so good for a fella used to cooler temps! I was melting like a snowcone outside!

While in the nice, cool basement, I began to tape up the detail pieces. The battern harness pieces are easy, that whole tab gets painted. The cylinders required more careful taping as did the ankle details and coin slots. I hope that tape comes off as easy as in the commercials!

The purple went on great, as did the blue...getting the spots in between required some careful aim...

And finally, the clear coat went on. Somehow I didn't hit on small area on the side of one cylinder, so that will be one that gets the crescent white piece under it to hide it!

And here's the final result on the battery harness tabs and the coinslots.

While that stuff dried, I brought everything white I had painted from yesterday into my basement.

I still have to paint a few more detail pieces blue, then the only blue stuff remaining is the dome!
We're slowly starting to get there!

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  1. way to go dude! you're on a roll now.

    don't stop though or you may stall like i did.

    these photos could have been taken in my garage 6 months ago ;)



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