Friday, January 11, 2008

Re-Assemble time!

Today I decided to put the lil guy back together. I had a furnace technician over who was completely impressed with R2, so I thought I'd put it back together so he could see what it looks like. I used blue painters tape in the skins to hold some of the detail pieces on, plus on the legs too.

(Boy, masking tape makes it look like I've actually DONE something!)

(Note the painters tape wrapped around the leg, the booster cover and struts aren't bolted in. Same deal with the power coupler, I still need to trim the skin for the coupler face plate to go on)

The side vent and coin return's look good. I would have attached the bronze hoses from the feet to the battery boxes...but the cats love chewing the stuff flat.

The radar eye looks thicker because the black material is not trimmed, so its adding to the distance the eye sits on the dome. I hope to upgrade to the aluminum version.

So there, I have a fairly complete droid, now I just have to paint it and populate the inside with electronics and motors!

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