Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More skin work....

Today I decided to get a little bit of work done on the skins I've been working on. I've had a lazy last couple days. The cool, fall days are here so the temperature in the basement is pretty chilly these days!

As I bemoaned last time, the panels are a lot tougher to remove than the previous set of skins I bought. Now that I have most of this inner front done, I decided to JB Weld the panels I plan to leave in place. This prevents them from popping loose in the future. As you can see below, I still havent removed the cutout for the center vents (its being a pain so I've skipped it for now). The lower panels have been covered up with the Quick JB Weld.

Yes, its quick alright, after 4 minutes, its well on the way to drying for good. It gets quite tacky and tough to work with after 2! Since this is the inner skin, thankfully there is no need to be too pretty. We just want to cover the seams so that they do not get loose in the future.

None of the covered panels were loose at all. If they were, I would use 3M Painter's Masking tape (the blue stuff) on the other side to prevent leakage onto the other side. We want the inner skin to stay smooth for when its time to bond the outer skin on top of it.

And here's where I am at with the inner skin. As I mentioned, I still have the center vent panel, as well as the last remaining door to pry loose.
Like Victor and others out west have done, I am going to leave the inner skin unpainted. This way the painted outer skin will enhance the beveled look of the skins.
Once I shake this cold, I'll be motivated to get some more work done on R2.

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  1. see my blog entry for a quick and easy way to remove those panels


    good luck


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