Monday, June 18, 2007

New arrivals! Periscope, lifter mechanism & dome plate

More goodies arrived from Daniel over to DroidStuff.Com!

Below is the "domeplate". This mounts inside of R2-D2's head (dome). On the plate will mount the Lifter Mechanism. As you can see, it has long open slots so that everything can be positioned properly.

Check this out...a solid aluminum periscope. This will sit inside the dome. All that needs to be done is paint, lights and hookup to the lifter.

Last but not least, the Lifter Mechanism. The motor is on the bottom. The periscope will be mounted on top of where the black piece is. It already has the sensors on the top and bottom, so the lifter will stop automatically when it reaches the top or bottom. The bottom piece will attach to the dome plate.

I haven't done a lot of building lately...just no time. However next up is taking apart my R2-D2 some more...the feet have to come off. They'll be shipped to Rhode Island where the cutouts will be made for the motor mounts!

Progress...slowly but surely!

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