Sunday, January 7, 2007

New Blog & Progress update

Hi everyone.

Well I have been using the MySpace blogs but that's proven to be problematic. Sometimes I'd loose everything I had typed once I hit "submit".

Plus, I thought it would be more fun to have a dedicated site for my progress.

So with that's the latest:

I trimmed out the frame a bit to acomodate the large data port (LDP). The LDP I have is resin and will require some more sanding to get a decent fit. Based on what I've heard from other R2 Builders, getting this to fit within the frame requires a bit of creativity. Victor suggested doubled sided foam tape. Based on the pictures from his blog, that looks like the most practical thing to do.

Beyond that, time and resources have been stacked against me. I'd love to work on R2's feet and installing the motors....but I don't have the resources to buy those yet! Ugh! And, since its winter, I can't paint outside so the things I'd like to do to the body skins will have to wait. I have some friends that have a paint shop...I just need to dismantle R2 and get the parts out to them.

Again, time time time!

Well, that's all for this post...more soon!


  1. I enjoy following you on this incredible are so descriptive and informative with each step you take.R2 has a very intelligent owner:)


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